Memories…the key to the human experience, is a mystery that has fascinated scientists, writers and artists for centuries and one that we continue to explore for better understanding. In Feel Memory, artist Viviane Silvera combines live action with stop-motion made out of thousands of hand-painted stills. She takes us on one woman’s incredible childhood journey of her father’s death from AIDS and conveys her evolving memories and emotions. The woman’s experience shows us how the passage of time and our ongoing interaction with memories changes the way we tell our life stories and opens up the door to envisioning our futures.

Victoria Loustalot is a compelling narrator and author of her own story that traverses the globe from Sacramento to New York, to Cambodia, to Stockholm, to Paris, finding new pieces of self-discovery along the way. Bringing this visual narrative to the screen includes hours of painting, filming, editing, interviews with scientists and so much more. Our goal is to raise $450,000 for this project. This budget has been thoughtfully considered and allocated for best use. Completion is expected by winter 2019.

We appreciate each and every donor’s commitment to this project. Viviane’s short film, See Memory, has already had a profound impact not only on the art world, but on viewers that have suffered from PTSD, on whom memory has been life changing. Please help us add to the conversation.

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 Film still of stop-motion painting in progress

Film still of stop-motion painting in progress